Here is the itinerary map for our Journey.


Dec 12: Day 0


Begin your journey from wherever you are to Cairo, Egypt.


Dec 13: Day 1


Arrive in Cairo and transfer to Le Meridian for your first evening. We will initiate this expedition with a welcoming gathering at the hotel.


Dec 14: Day 2


After early breakfast and check out, we take a one-hour flight to Sohag.

We drive to the visit the Seti I temple, Abydos. Abydos (Egyptian Adgju) is one of the oldest and most important archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt. The site was both a necropolis and later a pilgrimage center for the worship of Osiris.  People would travel from all over to come for healing and to get answers for important questions in their life.

We will overnight at the House of Life  with an optional private sunrise the next day at the Osirian Temple. (B.L.D)


Dec 15: Day 3


After breakfast and check out, we visit the elegant monument Ramses II temple which was the home of the Osiris Cult. This place was known for the study and practice of ancient Egyptian healing techniques among the many rites and rituals of the God Osiris.

We then continue on to Dendera, after a picnic we visit one of the best preserved temple sites from ancient Upper Egypt. Dendera is known as the “Castle of the Sistrum” or “Pr Hathor”— House of Hathor, goddess of fertility. This is situated in the modern Arab town built on the ancient site of Ta-ynt-netert, which means 'She of the Divine Pillar.' Then we drive to Luxor. (B.P.D)

We finish our day for rest at the Winter Palace in Luxor.



Dec 16: Day 4


We begin our day with an early private visit of the Amun and Sehkmet Temples at Karnak. This “fortified village” is comprised of a vast mix of temples for approximately 20 gods and goddesses and was known as Ipet-isu—or “most select of places”—by the ancient Egyptians. We return to the hotel for breakfast.

In the afternoon we travel to Luxor, a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile River. This is in the the famous city of Thebes (Waset, in ancient Egyptian), the City of a Hundred Gates and most well known for the avenue of human headed sphinxes of over one and a half miles connecting Luxor and Karnak.

In the evening we gather for story sharing and preparation for the Valley of the Kings over dinner at the Winter Palace.  (B.L.D)


Dec 17: Day 5


Early rise for a visit to the Valley of the Kings and Queens & Workers. These underground tombs, aka the Valley of the Gates,  stands on the west bank of the Nile, within the heart of the Theban Necropolis. Here we will get a glimpse into the elaborate preparations that were made for the next world and the journey the pharaohs made to become one with the Gods. The mummification  preservation techniques were performed so the eternal soul would wake up in the afterlife. Here we will see the stories, rites, and spells for this process.

We then move forward onto Esna and  embark on the Nebyt Dhahabiya, “The Golden Lady of Nubia” for our Nile Boat Sailing Expedition. (B.L.D)



Dec 18: Day 6


Along our Nile Journey we will stop at special sites that are harder to visit when on the larger cruise ships. The first visit is the El Kab tombs (Elkab) an Upper Egyptian site on the east bank of the Nile at the mouth of the Wadi Hillal. El Kab was called Nekheb in the Egyptian language, a name that refers to Nekhbet, the goddess depicted as a white vulture. She represents protection and is often paired with Wadjet, the cobra goddess. They are known as the “Two Ladies.”

 The day will conclude with a calm and serene sail to Edfu on the Nebyt Dhahabiya cruise.


Dec 19: Day 7


Stopping in the west Nile Egyptian city of Edfu we will have a private visit at the Temple of Horus.  Built during the Ptolemaic period by Cleopatra VII, this temple was created in honor of Horus, the Sun God of the Dawn and Keeper of the Secret Wisdom.  This falcon headed God,“the one far above” is the son of Osiris and Isis and represents Hope for Humanity. .

Edfu was the center of several festivals sacred to Horus. It is said that each year Hathor would travel south from her temple at Dendera to visit Horus. This is also the home of the first recorded Ritual Theater Offering Rite.

We return to the boat for dinner and sailing. From here will we continue our sail on to Kom Ombo.



Dec 20: Day 8


We begin our day at Kom Ombo, once known as “Nubt,” the City of Gold. This temple is unique because if its “double” design. There were courts, halls, sanctuaries and room duplicated for these two sets of gods. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and the northern part of the temple was dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris (“Horus the Elder”), and Tasenetnofret (a special form of Hathor), as well as Panebtawy (“Lord of Two Lands”).

After our Temple visit, we continue sailing to Aswan known as a gateway for trade.

In the evening we post on the banks of the Nile for a “Last Supper” Dinner with traditional Egyptian cuisine, traditional Nubian song and dance, and story sharing about Ancient Egypt around the fire.

We then continue sailing and suggest stargazing before bed. (B.L.D)


Dec 21: Day 9


We check out of our boats in the morning and then visit the trade center of Elephantine Island between Egypt and Nubia. This was/is the dwelling place of Khnum, the ram-headed God of the source of the Nile.

We then visit Sohiel Island, home to a traditional Nubian Village. The Nubian people are said to have held one of the earliest civilizations in ancient Africa. Here we will swim in the healing waters of the Nile and spend time with the locals.

Wrapping up our day, we will spend the night at Movenpick in Aswan. (B.L.D)



Dec 22: Day 10


We wake very early before sunrise to be at the Isis Temple for a private Solar Adoration for Winter Solstice. This is our new year so we will begin with ritual and intention. Daughter of the Earth God Geb and Sky Goddess Nut, Isis,  “Goddess of Ten Thousand Names” is the Keeper of the Mysteries, Magic and Eternal Life. She is the Fertility Mother and was believed to start the Mystery Schools.

In honor of the completion of the Nile part of the journey, we will share in a private Ritual Theater offering at the Amphitheater performing an Ancient Egyptian Rite in gratitude and appreciation before we make our way to Giza for Initiation.  More of this to come.

After our time at the Isis Temple, we will stroll through Nubia: “Land of Gold,” aka Aswan visiting the local market and spending time in where some believe to be the home of the Ancient Egyptians.

We then head back to the Movenpick and gather to share stories and discuss the technology of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx in preparation for the next part of the journey. (B.L.D)


Dec 23: Day 11


We rise and immediately take a flight to Cairo, back to the Giza Plateau.

We will visit the internationally renowned Egyptian Museum, home to 120,000 Egyptian artifacts. This library of history and culture is one of the great treasures of the world.

After a deep dive into the history and relics of Ancient Egypt, we cruise the Khan el-Khalili bazaar. This market will transport us back to an old Arab souk with scents of spices, hustle and bustle of trade and the endless paths of beauty. We will have limited time at the Bazaar so if you hope to spend more time, be sure to extend your trip past the 26th so you can. (B.L.D)

Khan EL Khalili.jpg


Dec 24: Day 12


Private visit to Abu Ghurab, visit to Sakkara, overnight at Mena House.

One of our final days will begin with a private visit to Abu Ghurab, “the Egyptian place of the Gods” best known for the solar temple of King Nyuserre. This was known as “the Stronghold of Ra” or the “Delight of Re” and houses some of the most unique ruins including the 6 ft in diameter, perfectly cut alabaster offering table.

From there we will visit Sakkara, a vast and ancient burial ground that served as a necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. Saqqara features numerous pyramids including the world-famous Step Pyramid of Djoser. We will venture into a very special initiation chamber one by one.

We will finish our day with an overnight at the “Sultan’s Palace,” the Mena House at the base of the Pyramids. (B.L.D)


Dec 25: Day 13


The final step in our journey comes to this day on the Giza Plateau. We will experience a private two-hour visit in the Great Pyramid and one by one be initiated.

We will then travel to the Sphinx for a private Oracle Ritual to bring forward messages for the new cycle coming forward.

We complete our journey is a special Farewell Celebration dinner at the Sultan’s Palace, the Mena House. (B.L.D)



Dec 26: Day 14


We give our final hugs at check out and continue into whatever magic awaits us moving forward. (B)

As we move closer to the date, it is possible there may be slight changes as we get closer. Surprises and miracles pop up at every corner.

horus & the Anh.jpg

“This is what I was born to do: to love, to love, to know, to change, & to embrace the Infinite. I shall not forget my becoming.”

- Becoming the Falcon God: Awakening Osiris: Normandy Ellis